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Government issues instructions about clearing of mines
2005-01-07 15:15:08

Nicosia, Jan 7 (CNA) -- The Cyprus government issued today instructions to the public with regard to clearing of mines that continues on Monday within the UN-controlled buffer zone, near built-up areas.

Mick Raine, director of the demining programme, said clearing of mines will take place Monday to Friday from 0700 until 1430 and controlled explosions to destroy the landmines will take place in early afternoon on each day, either on site or elsewhere if the mines can be transported.

An official press release said that 1203 landmines have been cleared since the start of the programme in mid November last year in an area southeast of the now defunct Nicosia international airport, 874 of which are anti-tank and 329 anti-personnel mines.

On Monday mines will start to be lifted in the Kaimakli area, a suburb of the capital Nicosia, on the east.

The public is urged to be vigilant and keep well away from the designated area in Kaimakli. People are also warned of the possibility that they may have to be relocated for a specific period of time.

Farmers are asked not to work the land when mines are being cleared.

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