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British MPs call on Britain to safeguard Cyprus' interests
2005-01-12 16:07:44

by Kyriakos Tsioupras

London, Jan 12 (CNA) --- An early day motion (EDM), submitted yesterday at the British House of Commons, calls on the British government to safeguard the interests of Cyprus in the forthcoming discussions on Turkey's possible membership of the European Union and to resolve the issues of Cyprus ''in which it can and should play a major role.''

The EDM, signed by members of Parliament by all three political parties, also calls on the British government ''to work closely with and to respect the rights of the Republic of Cyprus and its democratically elected President Tassos Papadopoulos.''

The British government is urged to ''make very clear to Turkey that it is in its own best interest to recognise fully and quickly the existence of the Republic of Cyprus which is already a full member of the EU and to clearly work for the normalisation of its relationship with the Republic of Cyprus.''

Moreover the EDM calls on the British government to make very clear to Turkey that it should ''fulfil, as soon as possible, its obligations towards Cyprus as stated in the Presidency Conclusions of the Brussels European Council of 17th December 2004 with regard to signing the Protocol for adaptation of the Ankara Agreement, taking account of the accession of the 10 new member states.''

The EDM notes that the EU has given approval to Turkey to enter into discussions as to possible membership of the Union and adds that the House of Commons ''is aware that the United Kingdom is a strong supporter of Turkey's membership''.

The House of Commons further notes that the United Kingdom is one of the guarantor powers for Cyprus and that Cyprus is a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

The motion is signed by MPs Tom Cox, Edward O'Hara, Rudi Vis, Linda Perham, Alan Meale, Syd Rapson, Ann Cryer, Harry Cohen, Paul Flynn, David Drew, Sir Sydney Chapman, David Amess and Andrew George.

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