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Israel’s Ambassador says position on Cyprus remains unchanged
2005-01-18 12:23:16

Paphos, Jan 15 (CNA) -- The Israeli government’s stance on the Cyprus problem remains the same, Israel’s ambassador in Nicosia Zvi Cohen Litant has said.

In statements after meeting Friday Paphos Mayor Fidias Sarikas, Litant told CNA his country would like to give a chance for positive results with the election of Mahmoud Abbas to the Palestinian leadership.

Asked whether there will be any positive elements in the Middle East peace process with the election of Abbas as the new leader of Palestine, Litant said “we would like very much to give it a chance and with the support of the international community we might see some positive elements and positive reaction towards the continuation of the peace process in our area''.

Litant said there is a new government in Israel, which aims to continue the peace process and to do everything possible to go forward. “We do hope that the Palestinians will reciprocate and the first thing that they have to do is to fight all the different terrorist groups who are being obstacles to peace”, he said.

The Israeli diplomat referred to the “unfortunate example” on Thursday night when three suicide bombers attacked the Canny Passage to Gaza and six people were killed, adding “we suffer every day, our villages and towns around Gaza, are suffering everyday from rockets and shattering grenades etc, and suicide bombers”.

The Israeli Ambassador expressed a hope that Abbas will be able to overcome these organisations and “hopefully we should have a new government in the Palestinian Authorities with whom we can finalise this peace effort”.

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