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Government calls on Denktash to think again
2002-04-04 09:54:46

Nicosia, Apr 4 (CNA) -- The Cyprus government has called on the Turkish Cypriot leader to reconsider his backing for separate sovereignty in Cyprus, stressing that there can be only one sovereignty of the future state of Cyprus, which will emerge from peace negotiations, in accordance with UN resolutions and international law.

Government Spokesman Michalis Papapetrou said here today that everybody has realised that Turkey is serving its own interests in Cyprus and not those of the Turkish Cypriots.

He also said that the case of Cyprus is not on offer for "inventions" with regard to a settlement and noted that both Britain and the US have a special role to play in the peace effort.|

Papapetrou was commenting on remarks by Rauf Denktash, leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, that an agreed solution must provide for one Cyprus, with one head and two legs, which must have separate sovereignty.

"Every single state has one indivisible sovereignty and since the solution will provide for one state, as UN resolutions state, there can be only one sovereignty, one citizenship and one international personality," Papapetrou stressed.

He invited the international community to take seriously into consideration the well-acknowledged view that Ankara is interested in serving its own objectives in Cyprus and not those of the Turkish Cypriots.

He said the case of Cyprus is not to be used for "inventions" or other ideas that do not apply in international or constitutional law.

"Having warned repeatedly over the years about these Turkish designs, we see now that others have come to think along the same lines as we do, with regard to Ankara's real intentions," Papapetrou said.

Turkey has always claimed that it ordered its troops into Cyprus in July 1974 "to protect the Turkish Cypriots and restore constitutional order", violated when a military coup took place and toppled the then legal government of the Republic.

"I think that the international community must take heed of the message, which is now echoed among Turkish circles too, that Turkey is actually serving its own interests," Papapetrou said.

Referring to the role London and Washington play in the Cyprus peace effort, he said the US role is "decisive" in that America's special relation with Turkey places that country in a better position to influence Ankara.

He said Britain is one of the three guarantor powers (Greece and Turkey are the other two) of Cyprus' independence, it maintains military bases on the island and has been engaged here for years.

The Spokesman dismissed suggestions from Denktash that the Greek Cypriot side should show understanding to avoid a Palestinian-Israeli type of conflict in Cyprus.

"The situation in the Middle East is one in which Israel violates UN resolutions and in this respect there is a great similarity with what is happening here, where Turkey has been ignoring UN resolutions for nearly three decades," the Spokesman said.

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