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Cypriots rejoice at Bagdatis' victories in Australian Open
2005-01-21 15:26:49

Nicosia, Jan 21 (CNA) Cyprus is reeling at the continued success of its tennis player Marcos Bagdatis in the Australian Open, with congratulations coming in from politicians and the Cyprus Tennis Federation.

Bagdatis beat Spanish tennis player Tommy Robredo, 13th-seeded, with three sets in the men's singles third round matches in the Australian Open in Melbourne. He is now set to confront number one Roger Federer of Switzerland in the fourth-round.

The Australian Open website said in its main news story on the Asia-Pacific grand slam that ''the Cypriot continued his impressive form with an upset victory over Spanish No.13 seed Tommy Robredo, 7-6 (7-2) 6-4 6-1, in the late match on Margaret Court Arena.''

Congratulating Bagdatis for his victory, House of Representatives President Demetris Christofias said the Cypriot tennis player ''makes all Cypriots proud.''

He added that Bagdatis' victories are the result of hard work by the Cypriot tennis player, his coach and the support of his family and state.

He wished Baghatis more successes in the Australian Open and a higher seed.

Bagdatis' victory, Christofias said, is the greatest since Cyprus won a gold medal with Karolina Pelendritou in the Athens Paralympics last summer.

Cyprus Tennis Federation President Filios Christodoulou told CNA that Cyprus has been the talk of the press following Bagdatis' ''easy victory over a difficult rival.''

A moved Christodoulou said Cyprus received unprecedented promotion with Bagdatis' victory and that ''he is doing the work of many ambassadors of the Republic.''

Christodoulou said the Federation always believed in Bagdatis' capabilities and talent, supported and invested in him.

On Bagdatis' game against Robredo, Christodoulou said the Cypriot tennis player was in the beginning nervous but was later able to find his balance and give a dynamic performance.

Asked about the Sunday match with Federer, Christodoulou said he was sure Bagdatis will make a spectacular appearance.

He also said that the Cypriot community in Australia will support him in every way and that it will set up huge screens at various sites outside the venue. ''All overseas Cypriots are rejoicing and talking about the kid from Cyprus,'' Christodoulou said.

Bagdatis beat Spanish tennis player Tommy Robredo 7-6, 6-4 and 6-1.

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