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President Papadopoulos: we want correct and viable solution
2005-01-25 10:25:26

Larnaca, Jan 25 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos stressed here today that the key word with regard to efforts to reach a political settlement is ''correct and viable''.

Speaking on his way to Athens for talks with the Greek government, he reiterated his readiness and willingness to engage in the resumption of negotiations, under UN aegis, for a correct solution, adding that he is seeking more engagement on the part of the European Union.

President Papadopoulos also stressed that he does not accept nor will he accept a European Union regulation on direct trade between Cyprus' northern Turkish occupied areas and the Union, noting that its objective is to upgrade the status of the illegal Turkish Cypriot regime without however giving it full recognition as a state.

Papadopoulos said he is in constant touch with Athens and responding to questions, he said he saw nothing wrong in contacts between the Turkish premier and Turkish Cypriot parties.

On his participation in commemorations for the liberation of World War II concentration camps in Poland on Thursday, he said humanity should never allow this to happen again and it should show faith and adherence to the democratic principles.


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