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World-class research Institute to be established in Cyprus
2005-01-26 11:58:59

Nicosia, Jan 26 (CNA) - An international research and educational Institute with strong scientific and technological orientation is due to be established in Cyprus. The ''Cyprus Institute'' strives to be world-class in its standards and international in its membership.

Andreas Mouskos, Vice Chairman of the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation, which is responsible for the organisation of the Cyprus Institute, said today during a press conference that the Institute will have seven Research Centres and noted that the planning of the first Centre that will deal with Energy, Environment and Water has already been concluded.

This Friday, President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos, who chairs the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation, will announce to the Press the planning for the development of the Institute as well as the framework regarding the function of the first Research Centre, which is expected to operate in two years.

On the same day, the Institute's board of trustees, comprising Nobel Prize winners, renowned academics, researchers, scientists, former and present ministers of foreign countries, as well as directors of world institutions, will convene in Nicosia in order to review the work that has been accomplished so far.

The Cyprus Institute is partnered with established world-class institutions and will offer its researchers the chance to obtain a Masters and/or a PhD title.

''Through research, the Institute hopes to solve some world disputes, especially in the Middle East area. If we could find technological solutions to problems that cause disputes, then these disputes will no longer exist. This dimension has caused a great interest among the international community,'' Mouskos said.

Regarding fundraising, Mouskos said the Institution would rely on financial support from the government of Cyprus and foreign funding, including EU resources.

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