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EU Commission to set up health experts committee in Cyprus
2005-01-27 10:37:43

by Nicos Bellos

Brussels, Jan 27 (CNA) -- The European Commission has authorised EU Enlargement Commissioner Oli Rhen to set up a ten-member experts committee to carry out health checks on plant and animal products crossing Cyprus' dividing line, which are destined to be exported to member-states.

The Enlargement Directorate, in close cooperation with the Health and Protection of the Consumer Directorate, will work together to set up the committee.

The experts will come from all 25 EU member-states and will conduct phytosanitary control on products crossing from the island's northern Turkish-occupied areas to the southern government-controlled part of Cyprus.

The cost of running the experts committee will be covered by already approved funds, destined for the northern part of the island.

Candidates are required to have a good knowledge of the acquis communautaire in phytosanitary field, experience in communication, very good knowledge of the English language and be well acquainted with phytosanitary control, with particular emphasis on citrus fruit and potatoes.

The government of Cyprus, that joined the Union in May last year, is prevented from exercising its jurisdiction in the northern areas of the Republic by the Turkish occupation troops.

According to an EU regulation, the Green Line regulation, goods produced in the occupied areas can be sold in the southern part of the island and exported through legal ports of entry to the EU.

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