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Government Spokesman: attempts for political gains not helpful
2005-01-27 10:48:13

Nicosia, Jan 27 (CNA) -- Insistence by the Turkish Cypriot side to secure political gains does not help create a climate of cooperation for a political settlement, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has stressed.

He also said that the European Union must be aware of this approach and added that the Cyprus government has done all it can to facilitate cooperation and understanding between the island's two communities.

''I believe that every attempt which disguises the desire to obtain political gains is obvious. The EU must understand that,'' the Spokesman said.

The Spokesman was commenting on statements by Mehmet Ali Talat, self-styled prime minister of the Turkish Cypriot regime, that the so-called isolation of the Turkish Cypriots is not reasonable, claiming that they have given up on their goal to secede.

Talat, speaking after meetings in Brussels, also said that the EU should proceed with a much-discussed regulation on direct trade with the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus, a move the Cypriot government does not accept as it involves the use of illegal ports of entry.

''The position of Mr. Talat bears no relevance to reality. The government has put forward measures to promote and facilitate trade between the two communities and to ease exports by the Turkish Cypriots through the legal ports of entry,'' he said.

The Spokesman recalled that the government had also proposed the return of the occupied town of Varosha to its legitimate inhabitants in parallel with the opening of the town port, to be operated jointly by the two sides under UN aegis.

Responding to questions, he said government proposals on EU regulations relating to trade refer to special arrangements, primarily on tax matters (VAT) and further facilities for the use of ports under government control by the Turkish Cypriots.

Questioned on attempts to introduce direct flights between the EU and the occupied part of Cyprus, the Spokesman said that ''international conventions and treaties do not allow direct flights to illegal airports on the territory of the Republic.''

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