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EU programmes to be implemented in Cyprus in 2005
2005-01-27 10:51:17

Nicosia, Jan 27 (CNA) – Productivity performance, competitiveness and growth in Cyprus are all expected to increase through Community Programmes to be implemented in 2005, partly funded by the Structural Funds of the EU.

A total expenditure of up to 110 million euros is expected to fund programmes relating to the development of rural areas and some depressed areas of the capital Nicosia and to enhance human resources and the fisheries sector.

In a joint meeting here today the committees monitoring the implementation of the programmes presented the progress made during the preparation period in 2004 in the presence of representatives of the EU Commission, local authorities, economic and social partners and non-governmental organizations.

In their address Commission officials, John Mallet (DG Fisheries), Walter Faber (DG Employment) and Szabolcs Schmidt (DG Regional Policy) noted the high level of cooperation with the relevant Cypriot services and authorities and stressed that ''2005 is the year of the truth'' since this is the implementation phase.

In his speech, Andreas Moleskis, President of the monitoring committees and Director General of the Planning Bureau which coordinates Cyprus' participation in community programmes noted that all systems and mechanisms are ready to implement the programmes and to make good use of the funds.

''The primary goal of the government is to secure the maximum use of the available resources not only in the sense of fully absorbing the funds but also in terms of maximum quality and usefulness of the work which will be implemented”, he said.

He noted that 2005 marks the year during which results are to be seen as regards the use of the resources.

The Programme for Objective 2 deals with the viable development of Rural Areas and the revitalisation of urban areas and the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the field agrotourism.

Public expenditure for this Objective amounts to 58,7 million euros, 28 million of which will come from the European Development Fund.

The programme for Objective 3 includes the entire island of Cyprus and aims at further developing and fuller utilizing human resources in conditions of social integration and equal opportunities.

Public expenditure for this Objective amounts to 43,9 million euros and 21,9 million euros will come from the European Social Fund.

In the Fisheries sector, the programme calls for the adaptation of policies, the renewal and the modernization of the fleet as well as the protection and management of water resources and fisheries ports.

Public expenditure with regard to Fisheries amounts to 7,7 million euros, of which 3,4 million euros will come from the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance.

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