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Former CERN director: Cyprus Institute to become pole of excellence
2005-01-27 16:22:37

Nicosia, Jan 27 (CNA) - The Cyprus Institute will become a pole of excellence in research and will attract renowned academics, researchers and scientists from all over the world, Professor Herwig Schopper and former Director of CERN, (European Organization for Nuclear Research) told CNA today.

Professor Schopper is currently on the island together with a number of distinguished scientists and academics from different countries to review the work that has been accomplished so far regarding the establishment of the Cyprus Institute.

''At a later stage it is foreseen that the Cyprus Institute becomes a university of a very high international competitive level. This will help to bring scientists from Cyprus who had immigrated to come back and give them the chance to do excellent research work here'', the former CERN Director told CNA.

The planning of the Institute's first Research Centre, dealing with Energy, Environment and Water has already been concluded and will be presented tomorrow to the press by Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos who chairs the Board of Trustees.

''From the beginning it was foreseen that the Cyprus Institute should not be simply a national institute but have a very strong international component of international cooperation in particular since Cyprus is a gateway from Eastern Europe to the Middle East'', Schopper told CNA.

He added that the Cyprus Institute will be ''a pole of excellence in the region which will improve the research system in Cyprus and attract researchers from all over the world, especially the region''.

Today the planning of the first Research Center was presented to Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism George Lillikas, who noted that the research to be conducted by the Cyprus Institute and the Harvard International Institute of Cyprus, still to be established, will also cover the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus and Turkey as well.

''We would like Turkey to participate in the research. We will also cover the occupied areas, since they are also part of the Republic of Cyprus. We also invite any other country to participate in the research or to ask for our assistance”, Lillikas said.

He noted that matters concerning the protection of environment (an area to be covered by the Cyprus Institute's first Research Centre) have no border.

Tomorrow the Institute's board of trustees, comprising Nobel Prize winners, renowned academics, researchers, scientists, former and present ministers of foreign countries, as well as directors of world institutions, will convene in Nicosia to review the work that has been accomplished so far.

The Cyprus Institute is partnered with established world-class institutions and will offer its researchers the chance to obtain a Masters and/or a PhD title.

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