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Turkish side responsible for CMP impasse, says Cyprus government
2005-01-31 14:14:35

Nicosia, Jan 31 (CNA) – The Turkish side must act to reverse the negative climate that prevails at the Committee of Missing Persons (CMP), after an inconclusive effort to locate a burial site of Greek Cypriot missing persons which the T/C side had indicated.

Cyprus Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides, commenting on statements made by the T/C representative to CMP Rustem Tatar that the Committee’s meetings have been suspended because of unjustified absences by the G/C representative, he said ''Mr. Tatar is trying to justify the unjustifiable''.

The Spokesman said Tatar should realise “the great responsibility which the Turkish side, the occupation power bears, since it misled the CMP giving false information on the Trahonas area”. He noted ''the international forensic centre INFORCE, conducting the excavations had to make a great effort without results''.

Speaking to CNA G/C member of CMP, Elias Georgiades said that following the failed attempt at Trahonas, the responsibility to restore the climate at CMP lies with the Turkish side.

''The meetings should not take place for the sake of meetings, they must be productive and lead to results'', said Georgiades noting that otherwise time goes by without giving answers to the relatives and causing confusion.

Asked what kind of gestures he would expect from the T/C side to restore the climate, Georgiades said the T/C side should ''present convincing evidence for investigations they promised they would present as regards to the fate of G/C missing persons''.

He added that the T/C side should also indicate alternative burial sites, to correspond with the UN Secretary-General’s appeal for progress in the procedure of exhumations.

Georgiades explained that from all three places indicated by the T/C side since 1998, one proved to be wrong, the second had nothing to do with the missing persons and the third is located on the side of a mountain without a specific area to begin excavations.

The third party to the CMP Pierre Guberan was asked to use this period to consult with the sides in an effort to improve the climate, he said.

If the Turkish side really wants the CMP meetings to continue, it will have to respond positively to all efforts and make the necessary gestures, Georgiades concluded.

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