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Cyprus ranks fifth lowest in EU unemployment statistics
2005-02-02 11:08:23

Brussels, Feb 2 (CNA) -- Cyprus ranks fifth among European Union member-states with the lowest unemployment rate at 5.5%, according to a report issued by Eurostat for December 2004.

The first four countries are Ireland (4.3%), Luxembourg (4.4%), Austria (4,5%) and Denmark (5,1%). The Euro-zone seasonally-adjusted unemployment stands at 8.9%.

According to the report, unemployment in Cyprus for men stood at 4.5% and for women at 6.8%.

Regarding unemployment for the under 25s, Cyprus has the fourth best performance with 10.7%. The lowest unemployment rate for the under 25s is in Denmark with 7.5%, Ireland follows with 8% and Austria with 9.6%.

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