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Cyprus says Green Line Regulation adequate
2005-02-04 10:41:44

Nicosia, Feb 4 (CNA) - Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said today that the EU Green Line Regulation, to facilitate trade between the two sides on the island, has rendered any other regulation on trade useless.

He also said the Green Line regulation can be implemented if the necessary good will on the part of the Turkish occupation regime is shown.

The Spokesman said the Greek Cypriot side wanted to remove any pretext from the occupation regime for not using the Green Line Rebulation, adding that so-called prime minister of the regime Mehmet Ali Talat must also accept the implementation of the regulation for the funding of the Turkish Cypriots and ''stop punishing the Turkish Cypriots to obtain political gains.''

Chrysostomides noted that ''the Cypriot government agreed with the European Commission yesterday to expand the list of goods and the value of personal belongings for free movement across the Green Line.''

He added that the Commission expressed satisfaction over ''the constructive manner in which the government's proposals were submitted.''

The Spokesman pointed out however that ''the occupation regime is imposing restrictions on the Turkish Cypriots regarding the movement of goods and the utilisation of the Regulation, while our side is showing good will and intention to help the Turkish Cypriots financially.''

''We want to remove any pretext from the occupation regime for the non-use of the Green Line Regulation. It is a challenge to the occupation regime and we hope it will allow the Turkish Cypriots to use the possibilities this Regulation provides them with,'' he added.

Asked if the proposed regulation for direct trade between the EU and the occupied areas would be scrapped after the expansion of the Green Line Regulation, Chrysostomides said the Green Line Regulation ''made any other regulation useless, in view of the facilities offered by the Green Line Regulation, as it has been expanded and can be implemented if the necessary good will and cooperation is shown on behalf of the occupation regime.''

Invited to say if there were any indications from the European Commission that efforts to pass the direct trade regulation would cease, Chrysostomides replied said there were not, adding that the government believed it was not necessary to promote that regulation, as ''the Green Line Regulation covers all the needs of the Turkish Cypriots.''

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