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Trade regulation secures Turkish Cypriot exports, says government
2005-02-07 14:44:12

Paphos, Feb 7 (CNA) -- Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said the financial exchanges and business cooperation between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots can be secured through implementation of the Green Line regulation on trade.

''If somebody applies in good faith all the arrangements provided by the regulation, then such business exchanges and exports of Turkish Cypriot products are secured,'' he said, commenting on comments by the British Foreign Secretary that one member state of the European Union is blocking trade between the EU and Cyprus' Turkish occupied areas.

The spokesman pointed out that the head of a Commission mission dealing with Cyprus Leopold Maurer has expressed satisfaction with the government position at negotiations on the extension of the Green Line regulation, to facilitate trade.

Responding to questions, the spokesman told the press here yesterday that the government has serious objections when Greek Cypriot-owned property in Turkish occupied Cyprus is exploited through economic activity in such property without the expressed permission of the owner.

''However, I see no problem in business activity and joint efforts for economic cooperation between the two communities,'' he added.

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