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Spokesman says EU regulations must be disconnected
2005-02-09 10:23:22

Nicosia, Feb 9 (CNA) -- Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has reiterated the Cyprus government's position that the two EU regulations for the financial aid of 259 million euros to Turkish Cypriots and for direct trade with Cyprus' Turkish-occupied areas have to be disconnected.

Invited to comment on information that the British were trying to convince the EU Luxembourg Presidency to put on the table the issue of direct trade with the occupied areas, Chrysostomides reiterated that the effort of the Cyprus government is the disconnection of these two regulations.

''The Cyprus government agrees with the regulation for financial aid and considers that the delaying of the implementation of this regulation, that is for the benefit of Turkish Cypriots, is due to the stance of their leadership,'' Chrysostomides said, adding that as regards the regulation of direct trade ''our position continues to be the same.''

''This regulation contradicts the acquis communautaire and generally the international law provisions,'' he added.

Invited to comment on information that the British were trying to denounce the European Commission for announcing an agreement with the Cyprus government on the issue of the Green Line Regulation, Chrysostomides said that the Republic of Cyprus is a full member of the EU and has the same rights as all EU members, including Britain.

''The whole issue will be discussed within the framework of the EU official institutions and our positions are known,'' he added, recalling statements by head of the team of the European Commission for Cyprus Leopold Maurer, who expressed the full satisfaction of the European Commission that the Republic of Cyprus extended the Green Line Regulation.

Invited to comment on a press release by the US Embassy in Nicosia that 10 Turkish Cypriot experts on bank issues recently participated in a vocational tour in the US, in the framework of the programme Cyprus Partnership for Economic Growth (CyPEG), Chrysostomides said the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been informed about these gestures, adding that ''the amount of money decided by the US government to be given to Turkish Cypriots is already being attributed.''

''The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is still gathering information on this,'' he added, noting that the whole effort is taking place ''in the framework of the announced measures of the US for the Turkish Cypriots.''

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