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Spokesman says Turkey responsible to hand over murder suspects
2005-02-09 10:24:22

Nicosia, Feb 9 (CNA) -- Turkey is the one that has the responsibility to arrest and hand over to the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus the suspects for the murder of Turkish Cypriot businessman Elmas Ali Guzelyurtlu, his wife and their daughter, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said.

Invited to say if the government has taken any further actions towards Interpol and the UN after yesterday's release of the eight murder suspects, who had been arrested in the Turkish-occupied areas of the Republic, Chrysostomides referred to UNFICYP spokesman Brian Kelly's statements to CNA, by which the latter had expressed disappointment with this development.

Chrysostomides said that arrest warrants issued by the Cyprus Police through Europol and Interpol to arrest the suspects and hand them over to Cypriot authorities are still valid and that the one responsible for the execution of warrants is Turkey ''as the country that has the control on the subordinate local authority in the occupied areas.''

''The whole responsibility for arresting and handing over the suspects lies with this country,'' he added, referring to Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos' statements yesterday that ''the way by which the occupying forces acted shows exactly that they give shelter to suspects for criminal actions.''

The Turkish Cypriot family had been found murdered near the village of Koshi, in the government-controlled areas of the Republic. The eight Turkish and Turkish Cypriot suspects, who were being held in the Turkish-occupied areas, were released yesterday.

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