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Cyprus welcomes outcome of Egypt summit
2005-02-10 10:01:31

Nicosia, Feb 10 (CNA) -- The government of the Republic of Cyprus has welcomed the results of the Sharm El Sheikh Summit between the Israelis and Palestinians, noting that ''the positive outcome of the summit demonstrates the commitment of both sides to move forward towards achieving a peaceful settlement of the conflict, through negotiations in the framework of the Road Map of the Quartet.'' ''The objective remains the creation of an independent and viable Palestinian state, co-existing with Israel in conditions of peace, security and stability,'' an official press release says.

It adds that the government of the Republic of Cyprus ''wishes to commend those whose constructive involvement made possible this development, and in particular the host country, Egypt, and President Hosni Mubarak, whose statesmanship was indeed of utmost importance in the revival of the peace process.''

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