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Occupation regime requests meeting with President over suspects
2005-02-10 10:14:35

Nicosia, Feb 10 (CNA) -- Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides confirmed today that so-called minister of foreign affairs of the puppet regime in the Turkish occupied areas, Serdar Denktash, had asked a few days ago for a meeting with President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos to discuss the issue of the suspects for the murder of the Guzelyurtlu family.

Responding to questions, the Spokesman said it was obvious that the Turkish occupation authorities did not wish for the suspects to be tried in the government-controlled areas, possibly because they feared the outcome of the procedure.

Asked if he meant that so-called prime minister Mehmet Ali Talat may be found to be involved in the case, considering information that his party had deposits in the bank of murdered Turkish Cypriot businessman Elmas Guzelyurtlu, the Spokesman replied it was obvious ''they do not want the suspects to be tried.''

''We wonder why Turkey is not complying with the arrest warrants that have been issued by Interpol and despite all this the suspects have been released, if there actually are issues they do not want to uncover, because it is obvious that they do not wish for the suspects to be tried in the free areas,'' Chrysostomides noted.

The Cypriot official said Serdar Denktash's request had been conveyed through the United Nations and the reply sent through the same channels was that ''there are proper routes for the handing over of the suspects to the Cypriot Police.''

''The stance to date of the occupation regime is an effort to show that there is a state entity in the occupied area of Cyprus, a separate nationality, laws and a constitution, things that are of course impossible to be accepted by our side,'' the Spokesman said.

He added that handing over evidence to the so-called police force in the occupied areas was not possible, since all international procedures have been observed and taken that Turkey, as an occupying force, is responsible for what happens in the occupied areas of Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriot businessman Elmas Guzelyurtlu, his wife and daughter were killed in their car on 26 December 2004, on the Nicosia-Larnaca highway, in the government-controlled part of the Republic.

Eight suspects arrested in the occupied areas were released because the occupation regime failed to hand them over to the authorities of the internationally recognised Cyprus government.

International (Interpol) and European (Europol) arrest warrants have been issued.

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