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DISY and AKP support a just and viable settlement in Cyprus
2005-02-10 15:37:34

by Maria Myles

Ankara, Feb 10 (CNA) -- Cyprus Democratic Rally Party (DISI) and Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) support a just and viable settlement of the Cyprus problem, DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades and AKP Vice President Shaban Dishly said today after consultations the delegations of the two parties had at AKP headquarters.

Anastasiades said the meeting they discussed ways to further strengthen the two parties' relations.

Dishly expressed satisfaction with DISI's visit and expressed hope that contacts between the two parties will go on, noting that they add to the confidence building measures.

Anastasiades said ''we shared the concerns and worries of the Cyprus people.''

He described his meeting with Turkish FM Abdullah Gul as “very warm and useful”, noting he will continue to work for peace and the solution of the problems which maintain the concerns of both countries.

A door was opened with this visit, Anastasiades said, adding however “many doors remain to be opened”.

“As long as we proceed together, we will reach the same destination, the question is how we overcome the problem”, he added.

The DISY leader referred to Turkey's European course, noting that Europe shows us the way forward that is dialogue, consultations and decision-making.

On his part, Dishly said he was satisfied with the DISY visit to Turkey, noting his party wants a fair and long-lasting solution to the Cyprus problem. He described the Greek Cypriot party’s acceptance to visit Turkey as “daring” and expressed support to a Cyprus solution, which will be found, between the two communities.

Dishly further said that the two parties’ meetings will continue adding to the confidence building measures between them. He did not rule out a new meeting in Turkey or elsewhere.

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