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Cyprus FM calls upon US government to readjust its policy on Cyprus
2005-02-14 14:37:10

Nicosia, Feb 12 (CNA) --- Cyprus Foreign Minister George Iacovou called upon the US government to readjust its policy on Cyprus, taking into consideration the new facts on the island, after its full membership to the European Union.

Invited by CNA to comment on statements by his US counterpart Condoleezza Rice that the US has been working to ease the so called isolation of the Turkish Cypriots, Iacovou stressed that ''the lifting of the so called isolation will not be achieved through the ways the Americans have adopted''.

''The reason why the US wanted a solution of the Cyprus issue prior to the island's accession to the EU is well known. But the facts have now changed, Cyprus is an EU member state'', he noted.

Iacovou added that the Republic of Cyprus ''has shown seriousness in dealing with challenges such as the commencement of Turkey's accession negotiations with the EU''.

''We expect from a serious country like the US to see these new facts and to readjust its policy with a view to reach a solution to the Cyprus issue as soon as possible'', he concluded.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview with European Media that the US does not wish to see the Turkish Cypriots being ''isolated'' because there was no reunification of the island prior to Cyprus' accession to the European Union, which was ''a bad outcome''.

Rice also expressed disappointment on behalf of the US that the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's plan for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue was not adopted, and added that the US try to ease the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots.

''We do have multilateral obligations when one starts looking at other measures, but we do not want to see the Turkish Cypriots isolated because we were not able to get the unification of the island prior to Cyprus' accession into the EU, that was a bad outcome'', Rice said.

She furthermore noted ''we were disappointed that the Annan plan was not adopted, and we have worked to try and ease the isolation of the northern Cypriots''.

''We have provided some financial assistance to the Turkish Cypriots and we are looking at what more we can do,'' she concluded.

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