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Cyprus government supports trade between two sides
2005-02-16 12:00:08

Nicosia, Feb 16 (CNA) -- Cyprus Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said the government supports and encourages without reservation trade and economic links between Greek and Turkish Cypriots within the law.

''Our goal is to see economic and commercial cooperation between businessmen from both communities because we believe this contributes to creating a climate of cooperation and understanding, something that will have wider favourable repercussions on the efforts to find a negotiated settlement,'' he said.

The spokesman's comments come in the wake of a proposed visit to Cyprus' Turkish occupied areas by US businessmen, who will be accompanied by the commercial attache of the US embassy in Ankara.

Chrysostomides said that supporting economic development of the Turkish Cypriots must not increase divisive tendencies but it must create conditions for mutual understanding.

On the visit of the US businessmen, he reiterated the government's disagreement with such moves, pointing out that entry into the Republic through illegal ports of entry in the Turkish-occupied areas.

The US has said the visit is part of efforts to help lift the ''isolation'' of the Turkish Cypriot.

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