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Boucher: No change in US recognition policy
2005-02-16 12:00:45

by Apostolis Zoupaniotis

New York, Feb 16 (CNA) -- US activities to ease the ''isolation'' of the Turkish Cypriots do not change its recognition policy in any way, shape or form, US State Department spokesman Richard Bourcher has said.

Referring to the forthcoming visit of an American business delegation to Cyprus' occupied areas, Bourcher told his daily briefing in Washington ''there's a team of businesspeople that are going down to northern Cyprus to look at opportunities for cooperation. We are sending somebody from our Commercial Section, as we often do with business groups.''

Asked if the delegation will visit the occupied areas via the Republic of Cyprus or directly, Bourcher said ''they're coming down from Turkey, as we permitted.''

Asked about a visit to Cyprus of USAID senior official of the Department of State, Thomas Mefford, to promote US-Turkish Cypriot partnership for growth, Boucher said ''I don't know how he travelled there. But in any case, our activities to ease the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots does not change our recognition policy in any way, shape or form.''

The United States together with all countries in the world except Turkey do not recognise the illegal entity set up in the areas of Cyprus since the 1974 Turkish invasion, in line with UN resolutions.

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