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Cyprus-American Business Association concerned over US official visit to north
2005-02-17 13:07:53

Nicosia, Feb 17 (CNA) -- The Board of Directors of the Cyprus-American Business Association expressed concern and disagreement over the visit of a business delegation to the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus accompanied by the US Embassy commercial attache in Ankara.

The Association has sent a letter to US Ambassador to Cyprus Michael Klosson, requesting a meeting with its Board of Directors to explore means and ways to promote American trade and business between the two communities through the Association in line with the directives, policies, practices and regulations of the EU and the Republic of Cyprus.

In a press release, the Cyprus-American Business Association said ''the visit does not contribute towards the goals of promoting the unification of Cyprus and the promotion of closer American and Cyprus trade and business ties''.

On the contrary, the Association points out, this might worsen the situation on the island as it obstructs the efforts to continue the process for a just and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem.

''This act, apart from its political implications, creates a lot of business complications and confusion'', the Association added.

Furthermore, the Cyprus-American Business Association notes that it has demonstrated its strong commitment in promoting Cyprus-American trade and repeatedly expressed its strong will to cooperate with Turkish Cypriots in the occupied areas.

''The American Embassy in Cyprus, is an active member of the Association and the Commercial Counselor of the Embassy is participating in the Board of Directors as an ex-officio member, thus this by-passing and conflicting act is not aligned with the working relationship and contradicts the efforts for enhancing the trade relationships between the two communities'', the Association concluded.

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