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Embassy News

President flies to Brussels for EU meeting with Bush
2005-02-22 12:17:20

Larnaca, Feb 22 (CNA) - Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos departed today for Brussels, where he will participate in an European Union heads of state and government meeting with US President George Bush.

Speaking at Larnaca Airport, President Papadopoulos said that for some time now ''the strengthening of transatlantic relations has been an issue,'' adding that ''in the past there have been some disagreements on policy issues between the EU or some EU countries and the US.''

He noted that Bush's trip to Europe aimed at making ''a new start to further enhance transatlantic relations.''

Asked if there would be any separate meetings between EU leaders and Bush, President Papadopoulos said there would not, adding that Bush ''has contacts with NATO members.''

The President noted that a meeting of NATO members took place yesterday and would be continued today, adding that ''the meeting with the EU leaders will take place this afternoon.''

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