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PACE will do all it can to find Cyprus settlement
2005-02-23 13:05:46

Nicosia, Feb 23 (CNA) -- President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Rene van der Linden has assured that ''the Assembly will continue to do all it can to find a lasting solution to the Cyprus problem.''

In a statement today, Linden welcomes the results of Sunday's so-called parliamentary elections in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus, adding that ''this shows the European orientation of Turkish Cypriots and clearly signals their wish to end the division of the island.''

He expresses hope that these results will contribute ''to developing the confidence and trust of the Greek Cypriot population in the positive attitude of Turkish Cypriots.''

Linden notes that since January of this year, the Assembly ''has enabled elected representatives of the Turkish Cypriot community to take part in its work,'' adding that ''this was our contribution to involving Turkish Cypriots in European affairs.''

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