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Cyprus' imports and exports record increase in Jan-Oct 2004
2005-02-24 15:29:39

Nicosia, Feb 24 (CNA) - Cyprus' total imports and exports in January-October 2004 recorded an upward trend, with the trade deficit increasing by 20,9% to 1,808.8 million pounds in January-October 2004 compared to 1,495.6 million pounds in the corresponding period of 2003.

According to figures provided by the Statistical Service, total imports/arrivals, covering total imports from third countries and arrivals from other EU member states, in January-October 2004 amounted to 2,228.1 million Cyprus pounds as compared to 1,905.4 million pounds in January-October 2003.

Total exports/dispatches, covering total exports to third countries and dispatches to other EU member states, in January-October 2004 were 419.3 million pounds compared to 409.9 million in the corresponding period of 2003.

During October 2004, the EU countries supplied Cyprus with goods valued at 185.6 million pounds and absorbed goods valued at 26.7 million pounds.

Total imports from third countries were 57.4 million pounds and total exports to third countries, including stores and provisions, 22.8 million pounds in October 2004.

Domestic exports, including stores and provisions, were 7.2 million pounds in October 2004 and re-exports, including stores and provisions, 15.6 million pounds.

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