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Cyprus says dismissal of linking EU regulations significant
2005-02-25 14:08:02

Nicosia, Feb 25 (CNA) - Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides described as an important development the dismissal by the European Parliament of an amendment for the urgent simultaneous approval of two regulations concerning the financing of the Turkish Cypriots and the direct trade between the EU and the Turkish occupied areas of the island.

The linking of the two pending regulations was proposed in an amendment by Liberal MEP Andrew Duff and was rejected by 254 votes to 250.

Commenting on the result of the voting, the Spokesman said ''the fact that the amendment was rejected is noted as an important development.''

''I think that a very large portion of the European Parliament members have been convinced that our positions regarding the regulation are correct. The majority is a democratic majority, which means that the amendment has not passed,'' the Spokesman added.

Chrysostomides said ''we are ready and we have approved on the one hand the Green Line Regulation with its expansions, on the other hand we have accepted the financing regulation worth 259 million euros, which can be made immediately available on the basis of the agreed regulation to the benefit of the Turkish Cypriot community but we have objections to the regulation for direct trade.''

He pointed out that the positions of the Republic of Cyprus are well known and noted that the positions of the Council of Europe Legal Committee are also well known.

Asked if the government was concerned over the close shave in yesterday's voting, the Spokesman said ''democracy works with majorities.''

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