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Cypriot party leader expresses gratitute for EPP-ED support
2005-03-02 11:56:26

Nicosia, Mar 2 (CNA) -- President of Cyprus' right-wing party Democratic Rally (DISI) Nicos Anastasiades has expressed his gratitude for the support the European People's Party - European Democrats (EPP-ED) Group at the European Parliament extended to the Democratic Rally and the cause of Cyprus during a voting in the plenary so that the paragraph referring to the political problem of Cyprus remained as initially drafted.

In a letter to Hans Gert-Poettering, President of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, Anastasiades said ''the support we are getting from EPP-ED Group on issues related to our political problem, is a support extended to the moderate forces in Cyprus that are envisaging and consistently fighting for the resumption of meaningful talks and for the peaceful, overall and lasting settlement of the long protracted Cyprus problem.''

''A settlement which will reunite our divided island and will enable both Greek and Turkish Cypriots to work hand by hand for a common future of freedom, democracy, economic and social cohesion within the framework of the European family,'' he added.

The European Parliament dismissed last week an amendment for the urgent simultaneous approval of two regulations concerning the financing of the Turkish Cypriots and the direct trade between the EU and the Turkish occupied areas of the island.

The linking of the two pending regulations was proposed in an amendment by Liberal MEP Andrew Duff and was rejected by 254 votes to 250.

''To this end, I highly value and sincerely appreciate the active engagement of the Democratic Rally MEPs, who have done their utmost in order to secure, along with the rest of their EPP-ED colleagues, the positive outcome of this important voting,'' he said.

The Cypriot opposition party leader noted that ''the decisive position taken by the EPP-ED Group on this particular and sensitive issue, had a considerable impact in Cyprus and was warmly welcomed by the media and the public opinion.''

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