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Greek Cypriot political parties condemn US report on Cyprus
2005-03-02 11:59:51

Nicosia, Mar 2 (CNA) -- The four main parliamentary parties at the House of Representatives have condemned a US human rights report on Cyprus, saying it is partial, unjust, arbitrary, and not objective.

Party leaders have said the report serves political expediencies, it attempts to upgrade the illegal Turkish Cypriot regime in occupied Cyprus and also pointed out that the US has no right to act as the world's policeman and judge other states, suggesting that Washington should apply self-criticism before becoming critical of others.

''The report serves political expediencies, does not refer to the continuing Turkish occupation as the root of various problems, ignores in a provocative manner international law and shows disrespect to human rights,'' Andros Kyprianou, spokesman of the left-wing AKEL party, said here today commenting on the report.

He noted the annual US State Department human rights report refers to all countries worldwide barring the US, something that ''is obviously serving Washington's political objectives.''

Nicos Anastasiades, leader of the main opposition right-wing Democratic Rally party, said the report attempts to give a different status to the occupation regime and this, he pointed out, must be taken seriously into consideration.

''The Republic of Cyprus is an independent state and we are not under the supervision of somebody else. We are not accountable to any other state except the European family to which we belong as an European Union member,'' he said.

Acting President of the Democratic Party Nicos Kleanthous said much of what the report says are ''unjust, misleading, arbitrary and contradictory'' with the principles of international law and order.

''We see an attempt to absolve Turkey of its crimes against Cyprus, the continuing occupation. We had expected a more credible and objective analysis from a country that wants to appear as the keeper of international law and human rights,'' Kleanthous added.

Yiannakis Omirou, leader of the Social Democratic Movement EDEK, said the report was ''unfair, partial, not objective, a monument to hypocrisy and injustice and it should be dismissed as such.''

''If the US had wanted to say something positive, they would have been self-critical with regard to Iraq, Afghanistan and the tolerance they display of massive human rights violations,'' he said.

Meanwhile, party representatives have described as ''outrageous'' State Department claims that US-made weapons, used by the Turkish occupation army in Cyprus, are legally on the island.

''What is Turkey doing in Cyprus?'' Anastasiades asked with regard to the State Department position on the presence of American arms in occupied Cyprus.

The report alleged that the government of Cyprus ''continued to block any effort by Turkish Cypriot authorities or international parties to open Ercan airport or any port in north Cyprus for travel to destinations other than Turkey.''

It also alleged that the government ''had pressured the media to support its position on the (Annan) plan'', which Greek Cypriots rejected in their overwhelming majority saying the plan would not reunite the country and it satisfied Turkey's demands instead of meeting the needs of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

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