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Cyprus government welcomes T/C decision for G/C goods
2005-03-03 12:18:38

Nicosia, Mar 3 (CNA) -- Cyprus Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said that a decision by the so called council of ministers in the Turkish occupied areas to allow the import of products from the government controlled areas to the Tukish occupied areas will promote cooperation, understanding and trade exchanges between the two communities.

He also expressed hope that there will be more measures that will prove that there is a real intention for trade and economic exchanges in the framework of the Green Line Regulation.

He further underlined that the Greek Cypriot community is the one that has financially assisted the Turkish Cypriot side more than any other state.

He said the Turkish Cypriot Commerce Chamber said in one of its reports that the flow of capital from the Greek Cypriot community to the Turkish Cypriot community between April 2003 until the end of 2004 amounted to 180 million dollars.

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