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Spokesman critical of Talat's positions
2005-03-07 12:09:21

Nicosia, Mar 7 (CNA) -- Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said here today that positions outlined by the self-styled prime minister in Turkish-occupied Cyprus reveal his real intentions and his objective to obtain political gains.

The spokesman expressed hope that what Mehmet Ali Talat had said in his interview with the Greek paper ''O Kosmos tou Ependiti'' would be reversed and that it does not reflect fully the wishes of the Turkish Cypriots, something, he pointed out, the future will tell.

Chrysostomides questioned Talat's genuine intentions with regard to efforts for a political settlement in Cyprus in the sense that he was saying one thing but appeared to mean something else.

''The interview reveals Talat's real face. His positions cause dismay and disappointment. Everybody regarded him as a person who could contribute in good faith towards creating a climate of understanding and cooperation to settle the question of Cyprus,'' the spokesman said, when invited to comment on Talat's interview in which he said the Turkish occupation troops would not leave the island and described as ''a domestic issue'' the exploitation of Greek Cypriot properties in occupied Cyprus.

Chrysostomides said that in reality Talat is seeking to obtain ''political advantages only and he makes no reference to the wish for reunification but on the contrary he repeats, recalling Rauf Denktash's views, his objective for political equality through a federation comprising two existing states.''

He said Talat's offensive against President Tassos Papadopoulos and House President Demetris Christofias as ''totally unjustified'' and added that Talat's assertion that he would not make any concessions to Papadopoulos ''are absolutely unfounded and destroy completely his image as a conciliatory political leader with a constructive approach.''

''One wonders whether Talat was telling the international community and the European Union one thing but in fact he meant other things. One also wonders whether Talat, through such behaviour, was in fact a hypocrite to the outside world while in reality he was aiming to consolidate divisive tendencies.''

Responding to questions, the spokesman expressed hope that ''what was said would be reversed by the facts and that it does not reflect fully the wishes of the Turkish Cypriot community.''

Turkish troops have been occupying 37 per cent of Cyprus territory since 1974 in violation of repetaed UN resolutions calling for their withdrawal.

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