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Europarliament condemns Turkish repression
2005-03-08 14:07:13

Brussels, Mar 8 (CNA) -- The President of the European Parliament Josep Borrell has condemned very strongly the violent suppression of a women's rally in Turkey to mark international women's day.

He called on the Turkish authorities to use all available means to punish those responsible for these unspeakable acts which are not consistent with Turkey's ambitions to join the European Union.

''The President of the European Parliament condemns in the strongest way the repression against women who marked the international women's day,'' a statement by Borrell said.

It noted that the images of violence the special police force had applied and the arrests that took place lead me to remind the Turkish authorities, in a most forceful manner, the agreement of the December European Council which decided to open accession negotiations, set for 3 October 2005.

The protestors demanding a right due to them, equality between men and women, he said.

''The Turkish government has to use all means available to punish the perpetrators of these unspeakable acts, which are not compatible with Ankara's ambitions to join the EU,'' Borrell added.

The pursuit of reforms and change in the mentality must remain an absolute priority, he concluded.

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