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DISY leader to meet with Luxembourg's Prime Minister
2005-03-10 12:29:25

Nicosia, Mar 10 (CNA) - President of rightwing opposition Democratic Rally (DISY) Nicos Anastasiades will be discussing the Cyprus issue with Luxembourg's Prime Minister, leader of the ruling Christian Social Party and current President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker, on 14 March in Luxembourg.

DISY Spokesman Tasos Mitsopoulos said that Anastasiades will also meet on 22 March with other European leaders and possibly Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the framework of the European People's Party summit in Brussels, as has been decided during the recent trip to Turkey of a delegation of the party.

Anastasiades will brief Juncker on the latest developments in the Cyprus issue, the party's international initiatives to prevent the island's division and for a settlement of the long-standing political problem, as well as the results of the party's visit to Turkey, Mitsopoulos said.

He added that talks would also include issues of European interest, such as the European Constitution, the Monetary Union and the Lisbon Strategy, and that DISY will stress ''the need for Croatia's accession talks with the EU to begin."

The Middle East problem and the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation will also be on the agenda, Mitsopoulos said, noting that the President of DISY will propose the creation in Cyprus of an observatory for Middle East issues.

Anastasiades and Juncker will exchange views on the prospects of small states in a new, globalised European and international environment and the possibility to make use of Luxemburg's experience through DISY's initiatives.

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