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Cyprus government seeks sincere resumption of negotiations
2005-03-11 13:44:33

Nicosia, Mar 11 (CNA) -- Cyprus Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said the Greek Cypriot side has shown its intentions for a sincere resumption of the negotiations on Cyprus, with concrete gestures and practical measures towards the Turkish Cypriot community by taking measures aiming at its financial upgrade.

Chrysostomides said that the Cyprus Government expected Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who discussed today in Madrid the Cyprus problem with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, to show real will, with tangible gestures, for the resumption of the negotiations aiming to reach a final and right solution to the Cyprus problem.

He noted that the positions of the Greek Cypriot side are well known and have been outlined to all sides.

He recalled recent actions by Turkey, which show the lack of substantive will to promote efforts for a Cyprus settlement, as the postponement of the Turkish President Ahmed Nezdet Sezer's visit to Finland, because the Cypriot Ambassador to Helsinki would attend a state banquet in the honour of Sezer.

He also noted that yesterday Erdogan said the he can give money but not ''territory obtained with blood.''

This kind of gestures, Chrysostomides said, are not the practices expected by the Turkish side for the right resumption of the negotiations.

He noted that the Cyprus Government expects the process framework to be set up to secure the good-will resumption of negotiations aiming to reach an agreed settlement of the Cyprus problem.

''I hope there will be real indications of good-will for the resumption of procedures to solve the Cyprus problem,'' Chrysostomides said, noting that ''we are ready to do so any time, when the Secretary General considers it worthwhile to call for negotiations.''

The Spokesman said the Greek Cypriot side ''has indeed shown its intention for a sincere resumption of negotiations, with concrete gestures and practical measures towards the Turkish Cypriot community, with measures aiming to its financial upgrade, not only unilaterally but also through the EU,'' noting however that these measures ''have not yet applied due to reasons of pursuing political advantages.''

He added that the financial aid of the Greek Cypriot community towards the Turkish Cypriot community has been particularly important.

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