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Papadopoulos: Bad solution guarantee for worse things to come
2005-03-14 12:03:21

Nicosia, Mar 12 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos stressed here today that a bad political settlement in Cyprus would be the safest guarantee for worse things to come, adding that the urgency for a solution must not override the need for a viable and workable resolution of the problem.

He also stressed that he remains committed to a solution, through substantive negotiations, of a bizonal, bicommunal federation that would reunite the country and safeguard effectively the security, the rights and a better future for all its citizens.

In his eulogy at a church service to mark three years since the death of former Cyprus President and former leader of the Democratic Party Spyros Kyprianou, Papadopoulos paid tribute to ''Kyprianou the politician and Kyprianou the man'' who had displayed ''creative courage and a fighting spirit'' for his country.

''The need for an urgent solution in Cyprus does not override the need for a correct solution. We are seeking the solution in earnest but we cannot sacrifice the essence of the problem to the urgent need to find a settlement,'' President Papadopoulos said.

He pointed out that he cannot accept a ''distorted settlement with the illusion that we shall prevent the worst.''

''The worst will follow the bad. A bad solution in Cyprus is the safest guarantee for the worst,'' he added.

Addressing those who like or find it easy to claim that he does not want a solution, Papadopoulos said ''we shall not tire to declare our readiness for a correct, workable and viable solution through substantive negotiations.''

''A solution of bizonal, bicommunal federation which will really reunite our homeland and will safeguard effectively the security, the rights and the best future of all its citizens,'' he said.

Papadopoulos said today Cyprus needs the clear political thinking of the late Spyros Kyprianou that demands national survival and justice and defines with persuasion the positions of the Greek Cypriot side for a workable and viable solution.

''If some people, for the sake of false realism, want us to shift our positions, we neither can nor have the right to distance ourselves from what is rudimentary correct and self-evident in order to meet the wrong and unorthodox,'' he emphasized.

President Papadopoulos also underscored that ''if some people, for their own reasons, choose to forbid us to say no, we neither can nor have the right to say yes to any settlement which would seemingly close the question of Cyprus but in reality would open the way to a multitude of problems'' with regard to the Cyprus issue.

Papadopoulos said Cyprus has a ''historic obligation to Spyros Kyprianou for unity, determination, faith and an unconquerable spirit'' to continue fighting and see justice done as Kyprianou had envisoned.

Referring to the late Kyprianou, President Papadopoulos said that in the past 50 years he dedicated himself to Cyprus but died with a clear conscience and wounded heart because his dream of a free and happy Cyprus was not realized.

''He was serene and gentle, insisted on the good and proper things and his political speech was explosive as opposed to his ordinary human word which was always calm and restraint. He had the courage to admit his mistakes and was bold enough to rectify them,'' he said, noting that he had surpassed human pain in the latter part of his life and continued to concern himself with Cyprus.

Papadopoulos succeeded Kyprianou at the helm of the Democratic Party which the late President established.

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