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Cyprus Red Cross to build institution for children in a tsunami hit country
2005-03-15 12:01:43

Nicosia, Mar 15 (CNA) -- The Cyprus Red Cross plans to use the donations made by Cypriots for the tsunami victims in south-eastern Asia, to build an institution for children in one of those countries.

Chairwoman of the Cyprus Red Cross and First Lady Fotini Papadopoulou said today that the amount that has been collected so far for the tsunami victims reached 920,000 Cyprus pounds (one Cyprus pound equals 2,29 US dollars).

She added that the Cyprus Red Cross has donated 160,000 CY pounds for the immediate relief of the victims and the remaining amount (760,000) will be used to erect an institution for the children ''who have experienced and still experience very bad moments, who became orphans after the anger of nature and who are now homeless, sick and alone''.

Papadopoulou said that the realisation of such a big project needs time and added that in five months the Cyprus Red Cross will be in position to announce more details about the project and the country where it will be erected.

Meanwhile today the Cyprus Welfare Council handed over to the Cyprus Red Cross a check of 414,131 Cyprus pounds that was raised during the daylong street collection on January 14, 2005 for the relief of the tsunami victims. This amount is included already in the total amount raised so far for the victims.

''I would like to say how proud I am for the quality of the Cyprus society and for every Cypriot who has donated to the several fund raisings, giving thus the victims a hand full of love'', Fotini Papadopoulou noted.

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