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FIBA All Star Day to be organised in Cyprus
2005-03-17 14:09:33

Nicosia, Mar 17 (CNA) -- One of the biggest basketball events in the world, the All Star Day 2005, organised by FIBA Europe, will take place this year in Cyprus on April 14, and promises a rich programme, a three pointers' competition, and an interesting basketball game between European and non European players.

Executive Director of FIBA Nar Zanolin told a press copnference today in Nicosia that Cyprus would manage to organise the event successfully and added that this would promote ''not only the League and the FIBA Europe, but above all Cyprus in general''.

Basketball lovers from all over the world will be able to vote via the FIBA official website (www.fibaeurope.com) ten of the twelve players they would like to see in each team, whereas the rest two will be named by FIBA.

''The voting for the players has already started three weeks ago on www.fibaeurope.com. The number of people who voted is astronomical, far beyond what we suspected. We are talking about 40,000 people who voted for the players'', Zanolin said.

Cyprus Basketball Federation President Giorgos Chrisostomou said that this event gives Cyprus a chance to prove that it can organise successfully the All Star Day and made a reference to the successful course of the Cyprus basket in the past years.

Chairman of the AEL basketball team and member of the Organising Committee Michael Loizides talked about the importance of the volunteers in order to crone the event with success.

The opening ceremony will include drummers and bouzouki players, who performed during the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games, rope acrobats and around 14 syrtaki dancers.

Then the mascot of the game and the teams will be presented followed by a three - point competition with the participation of foreign and Cypriot basketball players.

The basic part of the event will follow that will include a game between the European and the non - European players, which promises suspense and good game.

The closing ceremony will include a concert of the Cypriot artist Constantinos Christoforou, who will represent Cyprus at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The TV rights were given to the German channel Sport5, that will promote the event internationally.

In the framework of the event, an all-day seminar will be organised entitled ''The European Basketball. The way forward''.

This is the second time that the All Star Day is organised. Last year it took place in Kiev, Ukraine.

For more information visit the FIBA official website or the Cyprus website www.allstarday2005.com

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