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Benefits for Turkish Cypriots
2005-03-18 11:53:14

Nicosia, Mar 18 (CNA) -- Turkish Cypriots working in the government-controlled southern part of the island have earned 107 million Cyprus pounds in salaries since the partial lifting of restrictions in free movement across the dividing line in April 2003, CNA has learned. (one Cyprus pound = 1.72 euros or 2.29 US dollars).

According to these sources, close to 8,000 Turkish Cypriots work in the area south of the "green line", of whom one third have registered with the Republic's social insurance services.

Over the same period, Turkish Cypriots have received from the Republic of Cyprus 18.8 m. pounds in social insurance pensions, as well as free medical care at public hospitals at a cost of 4 m. pounds.

Tuition paid by the Republic for Turkish Cypriot pupils in private secondary schools in th free areas is expected to reach 2.4 m. pounds by September this year, the sources told CNA.

At the same time it is estimated that Greek Cypriots crossing into the areas occupied by Turkish troops since 1974 have spent there 25 m. pounds.

The same sources recalled that the Cyprus Electricity Authority has since 1974 provided free electricity to the occupied areas, at a total cost of 150 m. pounds.

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