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Cyprus' Spokesman says Talat should make up his mind
2005-03-18 11:58:04

Nicosia, Mar 18 (CNA) - Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said Turkish Cypriot politician Mehmet Ali Talat should decide which constitution suits him, noting that Talat cites either the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus or that of the illegal regime in the Turkish occupied areas, depending on the situation.

Chrysostomides was invited to comment on a claim by so-called prime minister Talat that in the event a Turkish Cypriot school opens in Limassol it should not operate under the Ministry of Education of the Republic, according to the Cyprus Constitution.

The regime in the areas occupied in Cyprus since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded the island, is recognised only by Ankara.

Chrysostomides said the issue of the Turkish Cypriot school was being examined by the Republic and the UN.

''Mr. Talat always operates a la carte. When it suits him he refers to the 1960 Constitution, and in other instances, such as the murder of Guzeltyurtlu (a Turkish Cypriot murdered in the government-controlled areas along with two members of his family), he refused to recognise the authority of the Republic of Cyprus to provide information and hand over the suspects to the authorities of the Republic for further investigation,'' he added.

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