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Ads in London for Turkish occupied areas withdrawn
2005-03-24 10:17:56

Nicosia, Mar 24 (CNA) -- Adverts in Britain for holidays in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus that were due to appear on London buses and the Tube have been withdrawn after protests from Chairman of the London Assembly Conservatives Brian Coleman, who is also the Assembly member for Barnet and Camden.

According to a press release issued by the Assembly, ''the holidays promoted in the ads would have used hotels and homes confiscated by Turks during the invasion of the island in 1974,'' noting that the adverts, paid for by the tourist board in occupied Cyprus, ''deeply offended many members of the Greek Cypriot community.''

''North Cyprus remains an international pariah, recognised only by Turkey,'' the press release adds.

The tourist board in the occupied areas ''originally ran an ad campaign on buses in November,'' which was ''pulled by Transport for London under pressure from Mr. Coleman,'' it says, adding that a recent request to run another campaign has also now been rejected.

Coleman said he campaigned ''long and hard to get these ads pulled'' and noted ''the ads were deeply offensive to London's Greek Cypriot population.''

''The regime in north Cyprus is not recognised by the international community. It is illegal, and advertising holidays in hotels and homes that were confiscated from Greek Cypriots is a disgrace. No organisation should promote these holidays but particularly not one such as Transport for London (TfL), which is paid for by London taxpayers,'' he concluded.

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