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Ereli: US favours Cyprus' reunification based on Annan plan
2005-03-31 13:47:17

Washington, Mar 31 (CNA) -- The US favours the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of the Annan plan, US State Department Deputy Spokesman Adam Ereli has stated when invited to say if the US wants Turkish occupation forces to leave the Republic of Cyprus.

Invited to comment on remarks by US Ambassador in Nicosia Michael Klosson, that ''the US has long opposed the militarization of the island'', Ereli said he had not seen Klosson's remarks, adding that ''there's been no change in US policy towards Cyprus, towards the resolution of the division of the island.''

''We favour the reunification of the island on the basis of the Annan plan. That's our policy,'' he said.

Asked about Greek Foreign Minister Petros Molyviatis' meetings in the US, Ereli said Molyviatis and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ''had a good opportunity to discuss the full range of bilateral relations as well as regional issues.''

''And as both Foreign Ministers said in their availability to the press, our relationship is strong, our relationship is cordial. We have excellent -- excellent cooperation and respect for one another as allies. And that was obviously the spirit in which Undersecretary (Nicholas) Burns conducted his meeting, as well,'' he added.

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