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Cyprus will not accept any change of Protocol’s text, says FM
2005-04-04 13:44:31

Nicosia, Apr 2 (CNA)-- There is no possibility of changing the text of the protocol extending the Ankara Agreement to all ten new member states of the European Union, including the Republic of Cyprus, which Turkey has already accepted, said here today Cyprus Foreign Minister George Iacovou.

Iacovou also confirmed that the Republic of Cyprus has sent a letter to the European Union concerning its positions on the protocol, which Turkey is expected to sign before starting accession negotiations on the 3rd of October.

Speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony at the Presidential Palace where President Tassos Papadopoulos honoured the families of the 108 heroes of the EOKA liberation struggle of 1955-1959, Iacovou said ''it is a fact that a letter was sent to Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn who was conducting the negotiations with Turkey”.

He pointed out that ''the letter expresses the positions of the Cypriot Government concerning any addition of notes, sub-notes on the part of Turkey” that would prevent any reference to the name of the Republic of Cyprus or any other issue in the text.

Iacovou stressed that all necessary measures have been taken on the part of the Cypriot President and the diplomatic service to ensure the safeguard of the interests of the Republic of Cyprus.

Asked if there was any reaction from Turkey to this letter, he said he did not know if there was any reaction from anybody.

''Everything that the representative of Turkey will say when he signs the protocol is a formality, for the media and the public opinion in Turkey and will bear no significance whatsoever”, he concluded.

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