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Cyprus pledges to safeguard Turkish Cypriots' right to education
2005-04-07 10:39:37

Nicosia, Apr 6 (CNA) -- The Cyprus Government will make every effort to safeguard the right to education and knowledge of the Turkish language for Turkish Cypriots living in Limassol, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has assured.

Replying to questions regarding the opening of a school for Turkish Cypriot students who live in Limassol, Chrysostomides said today that government continues its contacts with the UN peace-keeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) on this issue.

He said that these contacts showed no interest on the part of Turkish Cypriots living in Limassol for opening a school for Turkish Cypriots in the town.

''However,'' he added, ''as soon as the schools open in September, the Government will make all necessary arrangements so that Turkish Cypriots are satisfied as regards their right to education and their language.''

Chrysostomides said there was nothing concrete so far, adding that contacts with UNFICYP continue as well as preparations on the part of the government.

“How this issue will be solved, will become clear by September,'' he added.

Invited to say if the school will be exclusively for Turkish Cypriots, Chrysostomides said that this would mainly depend on the parents of the Turkish Cypriot students.

Asked if the school will be administered by the Turkish Cypriot community, Chrysostomides said that ''the responsibility for this lies with the Cyprus Republic and that is the way we have to see it.''

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