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European Greens to visit Cyprus
2005-04-07 10:51:31

Nicosia, Apr 7 (CNA) -- A delegation of the Green Group in the European Parliament, headed by Chairman of the EU - Turkey Parliamentary Committee Joost Lagendijk, arrives this evening in Cyprus, at an invitation of the Cyprus Ecologists and Environmentalist Movement.

Tomorrow, the delegation will be received by House of Representatives President Demetris Christofias and is due to meet with EU Commission Representative to Cyprus Andrian van der Meer.

On Saturday, the delegation will cross into the Turkish-occupied northern part of Cyprus to have meetings with Turkish Cypriot politicians Mehmet Ali Talat, Serdar Denktash, Dervis Eroglou and president of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Ali Erel.

The delegation will also visit the British Base at Akrotiri, where the British have installed a large antenna that caused the reaction of the public and the area residents due to its negative emissions. They will also visit the ghost town of Famagusta in the Turkish occupied eastern part of the island.

Tomorrow evening, Lagendijk will be the main speaker at a working symposium on the European Constitution. The symposium will be attended by Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot politicians and others.

The other members of the delegation are Secretary General of the Greens/Efa Group, Vula Tsetsi, and political advisors Paolo Bergamaschi and Ali Yurttagul.

Deputy General Secretary of the Cyprus Ecologist and Environmentalist Movement Dinos Paspalides said that there are different views between the Cyprus and the European Greens regarding the solution of the Cyprus problem, but noted that there are also areas of convergence.

''There is convergence regarding the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus and the British Bases. But we disagree in the substance of the Cyprus issue. We do not accept the Anan plan as a basis for a solution, whereas the European Greens have a different view. We try to make them understand our views through dialogue'', he said.

Meanwhile, Cyprus Greens will participate in the European Greens Congress that will take place in May in Latvia and the Mediterranean Conference in the Greek island of Hydra.

Paspalides also referred to the meetings the Cyprus Greens had last week in Brussels and Strasburg, where they met with MEPs and EU technocrats, in order to discuss the Cyprus problem and environmental issues.

''We are pleased by the response and the acceptance of our positions during the meetings. When you go there with positions based on the International Law and the European Constitution, it is hard to find any disagreement'', he concluded.

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