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Palestinians under tight security
2002-05-10 15:12:57

Larnaca, May 10 (CNA) - The Palestinians who arrived in Cyprus today, after leaving the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, were taken to a Larnaca hotel under tight security, while one of them was taken to the Larnaca General Hospital, where he will undergo surgery on a bullet wound on his leg.

The injured Palestinian was accompanied to hospital by his brother, who is among the group of thirteen who were brought to the island. The brother later returned to the hotel, to join the other eleven.|

The British military airplane, Hercules C-130, which brought the Palestinians to Cyprus, was met with tight Police security, including units of the Headquarters' anti-terrorist squad and special forces men.

An armoured car was also stationed on the runway, along with two buses with local and foreign reporters and TV crews aboard, three police patrol cars, an ambulance and two Civil Aviation vehicles.

When the airplane's door opened, the ambulance and a police patrol car approached the aircraft, along with anti-terrorist squad officers.

The reporters were not allowed to get off the buses, which were parked 100 metres from the airplane.

The first to come out of the plane were the members of the crew, followed by the Palestinians, some of whom were wearing the Palestinian flag.

The Palestinians then boarded a bus. Two nurses entered the plane and brought out the wounded Palestinian.

The Cyprus Police accompanied the Palestinians to their hotel and the injured to hospital.

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