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Iacovou says Cyprus an obstacle in Turkey's EU course
2005-04-25 13:49:42

Larnaca, Apr 24 (CNA) - Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs George Iacovou has said that "Turkey will be encountering the Cyprus problem and Cyprus as a huge obstacle in its aspirations to join the EU" and expressed the view that "there is no chance" of Turkey becoming an EU member "prior to a Cyprus settlement."

Speaking yesterday on departure for Rome, where he will be representing the President of the Republic and the government at the inauguration mass of newly elected Pope Benedict XVI, Iacovou said Turkey's EU accession course was "very complicated" and that "the progress made by Turkey so far is unsatisfactory."

Invited to confirm information that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan may undertake a new initiative to solve the Cyprus problem during the second fortnight of May, Iacovou said he had said so himself not so long ago.

He added that Annan was examining how to proceed, noting that it was not yet clear what methodology the UN chief would be using.

However, he expressed the view that the UN initiative may be somewhat delayed, since Annan "is very busy with other matters" for the time being.

Commenting on today's illegal visit of Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul to the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus, Iacovou said "it is yet another illegal visit" and that Gul would be "attending yet another illegal procedure," that of Talat being "installed" in the pseudostate's "presidency".

After the inauguration mass of Pope Benedict XVI, Iacovou will be travelling to Luxembourg, where the General Affairs and External Relations Council will be convening tomorrow.

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