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Cyprus Presidential Commissioner resigns
2005-04-27 11:36:07

Nicosia, Apr 27 (CNA) -- Cyprus Presidential Commissioner Polakis Sarris resigned from his post today, citing personal reasons. President Tassos Papadopoulos accepted the resignation.

In a statement issued after their morning meeting, President Papadopoulos said the Commissioner submitted his resignation which he “sadly accepted”, noting he does not intend to fill the post.

President Papadopoulos said Sarris had on two occasions in the past submitted his resignation but it was not accepted by him. He thanked Sarris for the conscientious and effective manner he has fulfilled the duties assigned to him and the dedication and complete loyalty he had exhibited for the public interest.

The Cypriot President said he hoped Sarris would continue to offer his suggestions and assistance on issues he had dealt with during his term in office.

President Papadopoulos said due to restructuring of the Presidential Office, he does not intend to fill Sarris’ post.

In his written statement Sarris said it was a “great honour for him” to serve President Papadopoulos in the last two years, adding that he had repeatedly stated he was neither a politician, nor had any political aspirations.

“I accepted the post of the Presidential Commissioner with the sole aim to serve as best as I could President Papadopoulos”, he said.

He added for purely personal reasons he submitted his resignation, which was accepted by the President.

Thanking the Cypriot President for their harmonic cooperation, Sarris said he would continue to offer his services to Papadopoulos until the restructuring of the Presidential Office.

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