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Bulgaria and Romania celebrate signing EU Accession Treaty
2005-04-27 12:03:11

Nicosia, Apr 27 (CNA) -- The Embassies of Bulgaria and Romania in Nicosia are celebrating the signing of the Accession Treaty with the European Union on April 25th, noting that the full accession of the two countries to the EU on the 1st of January 2007 will open new fields of cooperation with Cyprus.

Ambassador of Bulgaria Krassimir Stefanov and Charge d' Affaires of Romania Martin Ghetu gave a reception at the Embassy of Bulgaria today for the Diplomatic Corps and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to celebrate ''the most significant step before their full membership.''

Speaking to CNA, Stefanov said that the 25th of April is a very important and historical day for his country that marks the end of a difficult period of negotiations between Bulgaria and the EU.

''Of course this does not mean that we will stop here'', he said, noting that ''there is still a lot that has to be done regarding the implementation of the acquis communautaire, especially in some fields of the economy.''

The Bulgarian Ambassador said that the signing of the Accession Treaty ''is a very important step'' for his country's full accession to the EU.

''Let's hope that on the 1st of January 2007 we will join Cyprus and the other 24 countries in the EU and become a very big European family,'' he said.

Asked if Bulgaria's accession to the EU would further enhance bilateral relations with Cyprus, Stefanov said ''we helped each other in difficult times but the common membership of the EU will give us other opportunities to cooperate together, as two small EU countries, for the benefit of our people.''

Ghetu expressed certainty that the good relations between Romania and Cyprus would further develop.

''We can develop more our bilateral relations within the framework of the EU, which are anyway very good,'' he said.

He described the 25th of April as a very important day and a day of celebrations for his country.

''We hope, in spite of all the difficulties we will have to face, that we will succeed to enter the EU on the 1st of January 2007,'' he concluded.

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