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German politician: We need a new impetus to solve Cyprus issue
2005-05-05 10:24:51

Nicosia, May 5 (CNA) ---- Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the German Bundestag Volker Ruehe has said that a momentum should be created for a new impetus to solve the Cyprus problem.

In statements to CNA after he was received here by Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, Ruehe noted that the European Union should play a more active role in the efforts to solve the Cyprus issue, adding that the process has to be steered by the United Nations.

''We need momentum. The process has to be restarted in some way and that is the main issue. Europeans have to play a stronger role than in the past because Cyprus is now an EU member state. On the other hand the process in the end has to be steered by the UN. The EU can be helpful in this process and there are some ideas about it'', he said.

Former German Minister of Defense (CDU government) expressed the opinion that a new movement to solve the Cyprus issue should be created.

''I donít think we should waste time. History is not waiting. It is important to create a new movement. The whole idea is to find out want can we do to bring a new impetus to solve the problem after the Annan plan did not succeed last year'', he told CNA.

Regarding his meeting with Cyprus President, he said that they had a very open discussion.

Ruehe expressed opinion that the situation is now more favorable for Cyprus since Turkey wishes to become an EU member state and the Turkish Cypriots have a new leader.

''That is historically a situation we must use. There is a new leader for the Turkish Cypriot community. Ankara is also embarking towards Europe and everybody I met have said that it is in the interest of Cyprus that Turkey is europeanized on the way to Europe. The time is right to try'', he said.

Earlier German politician met with President of the House of Representatives Demetris Christofias and Minister of Interior and currently Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Andreas Christou.

Answering a question regarding the illegal purchase of Greek Cypriot properties in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus by European citizens, Ruehe noted that the German embassy in Nicosia warns German citizens about the issue.

''The website of the embassy here warns Germans who want to buy property, that this situation is unclear. Germany had hoped last year that this window of opportunity might be used. There are also articles in the newspapers'', he said.

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